Women in IT. Is the tide finally turning?

Here’s a great blog post from Chris Phillips at GTI Media featuring an interview with Crystal Eisinger of Deloitte. In it you’ll find some really useful snippets on what it means to work in technology today and what takes to succeed. It’s well worth a read – Rebecca

The GTI Media blog

Regular readers will know that I have written long and often about the shortage of women in technology and what needs to be done to attract a more balanced workforce.

So I was taken by surprise when interviewing a recent graduate working as a Consultant for Deloitte, Crystal Eisinger. I asked her the usual questions about male/female ratios and the special contribution of women to teams and she looked at me strangely, almost as though she didn’t understand what I was getting at.

I was guilty, not for the first time in my life, of making assumptions. Crystal’s cohort was pretty evenly mixed and Deloitte aims to recruit 50/50 men and women into technology jobs by 2016. No wonder she was surprised at the questions I was asking.


When she was 16, Crystal did work experience with Deloitte and at 18, she applied for the Deloitte Scholar Scheme, which involved…

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