The environmental sector is attracting entry level employees

Here’s a post from Gillian Sandie, our Graduate Intern, with an update on what’s happening in the environmental sector. Gillian is a Geography graduate from Edinburgh and this post will be of most interest to Edinburgh Geosciences students and graduates and those of you from other degree subjects who are interested in a career in the environmental sector – Rebecca

An update on job opportunities

The environment has featured prominently on many agendas in recent years and, as such, employment opportunities in this sector have blossomed; especially for graduates and entry-level employees. According to the latest figures from the Environmental Data Services (ENDS) jobsearch website, in 2013 48.6% of job applicants applied for work with salaries of up to £30,000 and this rose to 54% in 2014, with entry-level job seekers and graduate applicants being the most prevalent of all applications over the two years.

Growth in undergraduate and postgraduate courses

This growth in the green sector has been reflected in increasing provision and popularity of environmental courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. At Edinburgh, Geography with Environmental Studies is an interesting combination at undergraduate level. Meanwhile the world’s first MSc in Ecosystem Services is one of many environmental specialisms on offer at postgraduate level. Geoscience and environmental courses, especially at Edinburgh, offer opportunities to students in both the humanities and sciences. Whether you wish to continue to specialise in one or the other in relation to the environment or, as you will discover, there is often a great interconnectedness between the environmental and the socio-cultural; requiring equal understanding of both in order to develop effective solutions. Furthermore, University of Edinburgh Geoscience graduates are well placed when entering the job market, graduating from a school that has been identified by the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 assessment as having the UK’s greatest concentration of excellent researchers in its subject areas.

Things to consider and how to find out more

However there are many options available, so make sure to research which course or career path will be best for you and your future career plans, especially by networking with professionals and employers currently in the sector and keep an eye on job vacancies to get a better picture of the sorts of qualifications and skills that employers are looking for in graduates.

You can find out more about careers in the environmental sector on our website and also check out the ENDS Directory, where you can search for environmental consultancies to start networking with.

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