Volunteering Overseas

We’ve previously looked at the diversity of the third sector as a career option for graduates. However, this post takes a different approach to look at volunteering overseas.

Along with internships, work experience and part-time roles, an international volunteer experience is a popular option for Edinburgh students – across all subject areas – looking to make the most of the summer months away from academic study.

You don’t have to want to pursue a third sector career to volunteer overseas. If done effectively, an international volunteer experience can help you develop the transferable skills, experiences and qualities that employers look for across the whole graduate labour market.

Guardian Students have put together a very useful advice article with the help of industry professionals and former volunteers, looking at the top tips for those considering an international volunteer experience. It’s well worth a look if you’re even remotely thinking about this as an option.

It suggests taking an ethical approach that goes beyond researching the volunteering-involving organisation, to look not just at your own skill-set and how to apply and develop it, but the community you’ll serve and the benefits it will accrue longer-term. The result of this, according to the article, is an experience underpinned by a greater sense of ‘active citizenship’.

To learn more about volunteering, from getting involved locally to further afield, check out our volunteering pages on the Careers Service website. The Edinburgh Volunteer Centre also have useful links to help you explore volunteering abroad.

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