Destination Dundee: a global impact on the life sciences and creative industries

Thanks to my colleague Susan Bird for this post on the life sciences sector – Rebecca

Dundee has been establishing itself as a global centre for life sciences and the creative industries for the last few years and things are about to take a huge step forward with the £1 billion redevelopment of Dundee’s waterfront development, building on the V&A Museum Of Design Dundee, due for completion in 2017.

Already making an impact as the city of discovery, this extends into the life science hub BioDundee, one of the largest research communities in Europe, currently employing over 4000 people within the Life Sciences sector including scientists from over 60 countries in a variety of key research areas such as Drug Discovery, Cell Signalling Translational Medicine, Medical Devices & Diagnostics and Biotechnology with 18% of Scotland’s life science companies based here.

Over 3300 people and 350 businesses are currently employed in Tayside within the digital media and creative industries. Dundee has a large broadcast, animation and TV production network supported by Tayscreen while journalism and publishing are represented by organisations as diverse as DC Thomson, Bright Solid and the Clash magazine.

Dundee is also home to internationally renowned games development companies, where some of the world’s biggest titles started such as Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto. (how Dundee’s games industry started….)

The ambitious waterfront development is split into several zones with the Seabraes zone having a focus on digital media and creative industries, creating some pretty smart business start-up facilities and the Port zone having a focus on renewable technology industries.

Such confidence and investment in the city means greater opportunities in these sectors and beyond.  With plans for lots of public green space and even a beach area (sunniest city in Scotland apparently…), it’s a destination to consider.

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