How will robots affect the labour market?

There’s been lots of media coverage this week on how developments in robot technology will affect the labour market in the next few years. This interesting article on the BBC website, for example, looks  at The jobs robots will steal first and while some of them are what you might have expected others may come as more of a surprise… Journalist? Doctor?

This week’s (Monday 14th S September) BBC1 Panorama programme, Could A Robot Do My Job? – (catch up with it on BBC iPlayer) – pointed out that jobs which require creative thinking, social skills or physical dexterity are least likely to be automated.

And some recent research reported on Recruitment Grapevine put an interesting slant on the same topic – ‘Male jobs’ will soon be replaced by robots – women are safe!  This says that 47% of modern-day jobs are likely to be taken over by machines – and as many of those most suitable for automation are in sectors where the majority of the workforce is male, men are more likely to be hit than women. Something to bear in mind when you’re planning your future perhaps!

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