Retail Insights into Aldi.

Building on a recent post about the retail sector in Edinburgh, I’ll briefly cover some observations from a recent visit to the Aldi Scotland Headquarters.

Employer visits are an essential part of our work. Hearing about developments in recruitment, selection, and company culture and staff journeys from student to graduate employee is really informative. We then share these insights with you via Insider News on MyCareerHub.

The top three things that I took from the visit were that Aldi:

  • recently revamped their Graduate recruitment website. It doesn’t just take you through the applications process, but also what the training and role entails step-by-step. It’s really interesting and they fully expect you to really understand if this is right for you and what you want.
  • have added a couple of new steps in the recruitment process: initial self-selecting questions for your own understanding of what they are about, and a video application 5 minute clip called ‘who am I?.  The latter is a great opportunity for you to market yourself and align yourself to what they are looking for.
  • look for you to demonstrate your potential and readiness for the programme by developing and evidencing your capabilities and experiences. The message was clear from one senior manager: ‘It is desirable for us that you (the applicant) go outside of pure academia as it produces a more rounded person’. 

Our visits and insights don’t just stop at Retail – the resources section of MyCareerHub has loads of employer visit reports across many different labour market sectors. You’ll find them under ‘Insider News’ in the pages of an organisation you’re interested in or want to learn more. Happy reading. #EdGrad15

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