Gender or orientation shouldn’t be a barrier to success in the workplace

Many thanks to my colleague Steve Norman for spotting this news story on the publication of the annual Outstanding top 100 LGBT Executives. As this blog post title says, gender or orientation shouldn’t be a barrier to success and it’s worth looking at this year’s inspiring role models who come from a wide range of employers – Rebecca

Outstanding is a not-for-profit professional network for LGBT executives and their allies.

Each year they produce a list of the top 100 LGBT Executives, the top 30 Ally Executives and  the top 30 LGBT Future Leaders – these lists are there to inspire the next generation of leaders through these role models.

Inga Beale the CEO of LLoyd’s of London tops this year’s list and its worth a look at this list but also the top 30 LBGT Future Leaders.

The 2015 list can be found on the organisation website: