Another employer looking beyond UCAS points in getting the right candidates!

Many thanks to my colleague Steve Norman for this post on employers’ entry requirements and how these are changing – essential reading if you’re interested in pursuing a career in professional services – Rebecca

Not so long ago a good degree (2:1 or above) would not be good enough even to be considered by top recruiters looking for graduates and Professional Services was one of those areas where UCAS points seemed more important than your degree, your work experience and all the other stuff you had achieved in your time at university ….but things are changing..slowly but we are seeing more change amongst some of the larger recruiters.

An interesting article on the BBC website looks at how Grant Thornton was one of the early adopters (back in 2013) who now look at a range of indicators in deciding which applicants to short list including online tests and interviews. And it clearly works for them:

“Overall, some 20% of this year’s trainees are people the company would never have considered under the old system.”

So if your A Level or Higher results could have been better don’t necessarily rule yourself out from some of the larger recruiters.

BBC article on Grant Thornton