#ECOWeek16 – Next Steps

As we reach the end of #ECOWeek16 I’d like to thank my colleague Janet Onyia for this blog post which highlights some of the Careers Service resources to help you find out more about the vast array of opportunities in this sector – Rebecca

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As we draw to the end of this year’s Environmental Career Opportunities week, I would like to highlight the vast range of Careers Services resources relating to careers in this sector. #ECOWeek16 is as much about utilising the digital and print resources we have, as it is attending the events and networking.

You have now heard from several professionals discussing their roles, organisations and career paths so what do you do now? You take a look at the Environment and Energy occupations section of our website to get a more in-depth idea of the wide variety of roles in this sector, links to specific vacancy sources, professional organisations and reference books. All of which, will help you on your way in deciding which area you want to build your career in, or find information to use in your applications and interviews.

Careers Conversation - Outdoors 2
Career Conversation: Working Outdoors

I would also advise that you follow the organisations (or individuals) that you have met this week and keep in touch with them. A theme that emerged from this week is that networking is vital in order to secure roles in this sector. Not just networking at events, but following up on LinkedIn and keeping in touch (once every 6 months or so) will go a long way in opening up future opportunities for you. In addition to that, speculative applications are very common, especially when looking at roles in the biological sciences. Find out more about networking, speculative applications and LinkedIn on our website.

The resources tab in MyCareerHub hosts some of our sector-related information, in particular our ‘insider insights’. These normally feature employer visits, industry days or presentations from events. Geological Society Careers Day, Careers in the Environment 2015 and Environment Agency Interview feedback are just a selection of the materials we currently have on MyCareerHub.

If you have missed any events this week, you can catch up using #ECOWeek16 on Twitter and Facebook. Careers in the Environment 2016 will be appearing in MyCareerHub resources soon and you can watch a video of this year’s Careers in Sustainability event, courtesy of the University of Edinburgh Sustainability department.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in making this a successful week of exploring environmental career opportunities. From the organisations, students and recent graduates, the Careers Service staff and University departments that all had a hand in making it happen. I hope you have been inspired by #ECOWeek16 and will be using what you have learnt this week to help you on your way in building a successful career in the Environmental sector.

Exploring career opportunities around KB campus 

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