Careers in the EU

Thanks to my colleague Jo Fairweather for this post giving an update for anyone interested in a career in the European Union – Rebecca

After a recent visit to Brussels to find out about Careers in the European Union there are a few key points to note for anyone interested in applying: –

  • The UK is under represented across the EU institutions so they are actively trying to recruit more UK applicants
  • Law linguists are in demand – to apply individuals need to have a degree in law + 2 EU languages
  • Areas to enter into include Economists, Generalists, Auditors and Translators plus many more
  • Along with graduate routes, traineeships are available to graduates (including in translation) for 5 months. A list of traineeships and closing dates can be found here
  • EPSO manage the overall recruitment for graduate positions (except traineeships which are managed at an individual institution basis)
  • The UK Representative Office of the EU have set up a network UKinEU to help UK individuals apply for all positions available to them
  • To apply for positions applicants require English, French or German + other EU Language
  • Networking is a key element of gaining traineeships and permanent positions

Further information can be found here


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