The best Data Scientists know how to tell stories

Many thanks to my colleague Ruth Donnelly for this post on careers in data science and if you’re interested look our for the Data Talent Scotland event happening later in March – Rebecca

There has been an exponential explosion in number of jobs relating to data science and this is only likely to continue growing, so it may be worth a closer look.

What roles are involved in big data?

Data analyst – understands demands of business and able to integrate that with data

Data engineer – software development skills, builds and maintains systems

Data scientist – high powered maths and statistical skills

Ideally data scientists combine all 3 roles. You need to be able to (or be able to quickly learn how to) program, be comfortable with the software used in data analytics (3 most common are Python, R and MATLAB) and, importantly be able to understand and tell the stories behind data. This makes it an attractive option for many social scientists – Economics is particularly highly sought in addition to subjects such as Maths (pure and applied), Informatics, Physics, Statistics, Earth sciences and all Engineering disciplines.

Employers may not always be aware that your degree contains a data science element, so you need to make this really clear in your applications.

Data science is used in many sectors from retail, manufacturing and telematics (monitoring car performance) to compliance and risk and health care, so keep an open mind about where you could work. If you search ‘data science’ on MyCareerHub you will get a flavour of the huge breadth of opportunities.

Keen to find out more?

There is a Data Talent Scotland event bringing together students and employers on 16th March – see MyCareerHub for details of how to sign up for this.

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