NHS labour market and careers information – a handy Powerpoint

Many thanks to my colleague Janet Forsyth who spotted this excellent resource from Health Careers which gives a great overview of the wide range of career options in the NHS – Rebecca

Health Careers, the NHS careers website, has just produced a useful Powerpoint presentation for anyone wanting to know more about the wide range of career options in the NHS – as they say, it’s not just about doctors, nurses and midwives!

Titled ‘Finding and building a career in health’, it gives you a sense of the scale of the NHS operation (eg far more employees than the British Army, BT, Tesco …..) the competition for management roles (5209 applicants for 52 roles for the NHS graduate management scheme) – and much more.

Topics covered include:

  • Roles in the health sector
  • Undergraduate and graduate opportunities
  • The changing health care landscape
  • Recruitment into employment and onto university programmes
  • with NHS clinical placements
  • Pay
  • Evolving roles and treatment, and current workforce plans
  • Labour market information sources
  • Resources available from Health Careers, including new website
  • NHS Jobs website

So take a look at the presentation now – find out more about all the opportunities in the NHS, and its future evolution.


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