Environment and sustainability workers happier than UK average

Thanks to my colleague Kayleigh McGarry for this blog post which picks up on some news about job satisfaction for workers in the environment and sustainability sector and gives some starting points for students and graduates hoping to enter this sector – Rebecca

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) have published research which shows that environment and sustainability professionals are among the UK’s most satisfied workers, with 82% considering themselves satisfied at work as opposed to the UK average of 77.6%.

The IEMA believe that the key elements which make working in the environment and sustainability sector so rewarding is the salary (the average being 58% above the UK national average), the feeling of doing something worthwhile and support from management.

For graduates looking to enter this sector there is further positive news in that average entry level salaries have also increased this year by £500 to £24,5000.  This reflects the high level of academic skill many graduates are bringing to their role, with 55 per cent having a Masters or Doctorate and a further 38 per cent having at least a Bachelor’s degree or other post graduate qualification.

More details about the IEMA report can be found on Business Green and the Occupations section of our website provides useful links for careers in the environment and sustainability: www.ed.ac.uk/careers/your-future/options/occupations/environment-and-energy

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