Scottish life sciences alive and kicking!

Thanks to my colleague Susan Bird for this update on what’s happening in the Scottish life sciences sector – Rebecca

Leading cell manufacturer Roslin Cells was spun out from the company that cloned Dolly the sheep. Now the company offers two main services – Cell Therapy Contract Manufacturing and Development, and Research Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC). The stem cell science across both parts of the business is the same, the main distinction is that the cell therapy element requires more stringent good manufacturing practices (GMP) quality standards and regulatory compliance.

This element of the business supports clients such as ReNeuron and Pfizer by providing process development, translational capabilities and contract manufacturing services for cell therapy clinical trials. The Research iPSC component of the business is more focussed on early stage development, and helps clients working on drug discovery, development and clinical research programmes in collaborative partnerships across Europe. With plans to expand its manufacturing capabilities in the near future, they are currently recruiting. According to their Chief Operating Officer, Janet Downie:

At the moment we have about 60 people in the team, but we are continuing to expand. Our base is in Edinburgh, but we also have a site in Cambridge devoted to research iPS cell production.
Good customer service is also very important to us, so in addition to the relevant scientific and quality assurance skills we value proactive individuals with strong people and management skills.

With Avanticell recruiting a new CEO to expand its business and Biocore planning to grow its scientific team, life sciences in Scotland are alive and well!

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