Beyond the company website – get informed about Investment Banks!

Thanks to my colleague Lizzie Mortimer who picked up some really interesting information for those of you looking at getting into Investment Banking at a recent webinar she attended – Rebecca

A  recent webinar from The Careers Group that I attended was chock-full of useful advice on getting into Investment Banking, and you can now read my full report on MyCareerHub.

But there was one piece of advice for those wanting to increase their knowledge of this sector that I wanted to highlight on this blog: get on the company conference calls!

Of course, if you are going for an interview you want to know as much as you can about the company, but sometimes websites don’t give a huge amount of information away.  Did you know members of the public can listen in on conference calls discussing the latest quarterly report?  With a bit of digging around online (search: ‘name of bank’ quarterly report), you can listen in to the call to pick up hugely valuable information you can impress with at interview.






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