Gender equality almost reached in creative industries

Thanks to my colleague Kayleigh McGarry for this short blog post sharing some findings from a recent report on trends in the creative industries – Rebecca

Creativepool have published their Annual Creative Industry Salary Guide and Survey 2016, reporting that the ratio of men to women working in the industry is more equal than ever before.  Other trends in the sector noted in the report include:

  • A  9% decrease of professionals under 35 working in the sector, perhaps indicating that the industry is maturing and entry level positions are becoming harder to find.
  • Digital professionals are now paid more on average than designers and advertisers, with a 4% increase in digital salaries reported.
  • Wages for creative jobs outside London increased by 3%, however there is still a difference of 15% between jobs inside the capital and those outwith.
  • The percentage of those who felt underpaid for their job dropped 2% from 2015.
  • There was a decrease in unemployment, with only 1% of the creative industries community without work.

The Creativepool report is also a useful tool for those wanting to get an idea of job titles and wage levels for entry level, and more senior, posts within the creative digital, design and advertising sectors.  The report can be accessed on the Creativepool website:


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