England and Wales Law trainee numbers are on the up!

Thanks to my colleague Kay Barbour for this blog post which gives an update on what’s happening south of the border with Law traineeships; do take a look if you’re considering this route in to the profession – Rebecca

According to the Annual Statistical Report of the Law Society of England and Wales there was a 9% rise in the number of trainees in 2014/15.  The number of training contracts registered rose to 5,457 – up from 5,001 the previous year.

One third (33.8%) of all training contracts are in the City, with the rest of London accounting for a further 17.7%.

Trainee numbers at firms with between two and four partners rose by 20%, while firms with five to 10 partners recorded a growth rate of 45%.

The number of training contracts reached a high of 6,303 in 2007/8 but slumped after the 2008 credit crunch. The most recent low was seen in 2009/10 when just 4,784 trainees were registered.

If you are looking for a traineeship Lawyer2B, AllAboutLaw and LawCareers.Net all provide useful listings of firms offering opportunities.

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