Life (like) robots

Thanks to my colleague Susan Bird for this post with some exciting updates and developments at the University – Rebecca

In a time of fast-moving political change, the University of Edinburgh has announced something of a coup in the field of scientific change.

Scientists are marking the opening of the first fully automated DNA production facility in the UK. The Edinburgh Genome Foundry will design, build and test large sections of DNA – the building blocks of life – using large-scale robotic processes.

Researchers at the facility are seeking to create and modify long strands of DNA that can be used to equip cells or organisms with new or improved functions. Its products could lead to advances such as programming stem cells for use in personalised medicines, developing bacteria that can detect disease in the gut, or altering the DNA of biofuel crops to enable a higher yield.

Advances in science and engineering signpost new opportunities for our graduates in the present, not just the future, in a variety of areas including synthetic biology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, sustainable energy and agriculture .

 Read more about this story on The Scotsman website


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