What skills and attributes do employers struggle to find? 

Thanks to my colleague Ruth Donnelly for this post which gives an overview of findings from a recent employer survey about skills they struggle to find – Rebecca

Although most graduate employers claim they are not looking for “the finished article”, there are certain important skills, attributes and mindsets which are often found lacking. According to a recent report published by the 2016 Career Design Employer Survey, the top 4 gaps are: digital fluency, data & analytics, curiosity and passion.

Digital fluency – the ability to interpret information, discover meaning, design content, construct knowledge and communicate ideas in a digitally connected world. This doesn’t mean that graduates necessarily need technical knowledge, but they should be exposed to digital channels and be able to make sense of them.

Data & analytics – as organisations increasingly use data to shape decisions, it’s more important than ever that graduates are able to manipulate and understand this data. Skills in Microsoft Excel should not be under-valued.

Curiosity – an interest in the world around them and the ability to express this, is what can separate the best graduates from average graduates.

Passion – and the ability to demonstrate this is the single most important factor affecting recruitment decisions.

So, it is worth asking yourself, am I convincing potential employers (or investors, if you are planning to be self employed) that I have what’s required?


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