An internship – why should I bother?

On Day 2 of #ExperienceWorks, here’s some food for thought from the latest annual survey by the Association of Graduate Recruiters.

Why do a formal summer internship?  Well, agreed, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea – and for some graduate roles these structured programmes don’t even exist (there are other ways of getting experience instead*). But if you’re in your third or penultimate year of study and any of the following apply to you:

  1. Hoping to work in (for example) finance, marketing, business, engineering, IT, law, HR
  2. Wanting to build, in perhaps a more formal environment, upon the work experience you already have
  3. Open to the idea that trying something out is the best way of testing whether it’s right for you

…then you should consider applying for a summer internship.

Want to see the stats?

According to the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) almost three-quarters of graduate employers are hiring interns this year. Their 2016 annual survey, published in September, represented the views of over 200 employers from 17 sectors, including, for example, Santander, Sky, Thales, TeachFirst and The Highways Agency. The responding organisations offered more than 12,500 temporary vacancies to students this year. That figure is 13% higher than last year. And – crucially – 45% of 2015’s interns went on to secure graduate jobs in the same company this year.

“Employers are creating more opportunities for interns and making
more job offers to the interns who re-apply for graduate programmes.”

With an average of 40 applications for each of these internships nobody’s saying it’s going to be easy. However, by investing time and effort now in producing a strong internship application you could be reaping the benefits for years to come. Isn’t it worth having a go? Many schemes have early closing dates, so don’t miss out -find out more at

* Get some ideas here – Create your own opportunity

Internships and work experience – the essentials:

Tomorrow… read about the student who has started his career journey in luxury cars/

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