An internship that really made a difference

Aleksandra ( 4th Year Geography ) reflects on the time she spent with Nestle during the summer. An encouraging story for Day 4 of #ExperienceWorks.

Every previous summer since I moved in to the UK, I spent working in hospitality and while customer service can be very rewarding, I craved a change. I wanted to do something that might equip me with new skills and prepare for the scary future after graduation. When I received a summer internship offer with Nestle, the largest food manufacturer in the world, I could not be more excited. Here I was, beginning my adventure with the big business. But I was also full of doubts and apprehension. I have never done anything like this before. Will I be good enough? I feared the formality and anonymity that would come with working in such a huge company. Will I be able to deal with the pressure? Luckily, all those fears disappeared soon after I started the internship. I could not have wished for a more supportive and welcoming environment!

I was working in the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) department in Nestle head office in York, making sure it is the safest, most environmentally friendly workplace possible. It can be quite a challenge, as no matter how well designed are the facilities, if misused they might pose a significant hazard. Hence, one of my major tasks was to instil in my fellow employees appropriate behaviours and the sense of responsibility for their own and others’ safety. I was doing it through preparing training materials, taking part in meetings, as well as managing and organizing events. One of my major projects was the Environmental Event, focusing on carbon emission reductions through sustainable travel. Together with my colleague, the other SHE intern, we prepared an electric car workshop, inviting companies such as Tesla, BMW, Toyota, Nissan and Volvo to bring and show their machines. The event turned out to be a big success. I was especially proud that Tesla has decided to further develop their relationship with Nestle and come for more future events!

Throughout my internship I learned a lot about the business, as well as significantly developed skills such as communication, organization, leadership and networking. Most importantly, I feel like my work was appreciated and really made a difference.


Note: Aleksandra has been offered a place on Nestle’s graduate scheme.

Internships and work experience – the essentials:

Tomorrow: how do internships/work experience make the recruiter’s job easier?

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