The University’s first experience of Social Storm

So what did the winning students Pierre Andre Belle, a 1st year Mechanical Engineer and Euan Briggs, a 2nd year History and Politics student say about the experience?

“What was your favourite part of the event?”

Euan enjoyed the variety of challenges the event provided which were unlike those you would get in an “academic setting”. For Pierre the challenge itself was the highlight, especially the fact that the event lasted for 24 hours.

“How did you create an effective working team?”

Euan and Pierre explained the challenges with both getting to know other team members and applying this to working with them efficiently and productively. They kept Skype on constantly throughout the event providing ongoing and instant communication to the teammates in other universities.

This communication was pushed with the constant array of deadlines. They regularly scheduled meetings and set tasks to motivate the team. Playing to each other’s strength allowed them to remain productive, a key aspect to their working relationship. Euan explained “everyone’s skills came together. The team complemented itself well”.

Neither slept finding it preferable to work right the way through the night.

“What did you learn about yourself?”

Dimple Gulrajani, another successful student, shared her experiences:

“Social Storm 2016 was a unique experience for me, as I happened to be already working on an idea in the food security sector (one of the two issues we were given to work on). I didn’t know this was going to be an option while signing up, but it really worked to my advantage as I had 7 other students who are interested in the issue working on a business plan and video pitch for the idea along with me. They helped me spot and think about solutions for potential problems, and brought my attention to potential opportunities to strengthen the venture as well.

Doing an all-nighter isn’t so uncommon for me (being a Computer Science student), but the challenge was working with teams from different universities across timezones, with people from all different fields of study. It taught me a lot about myself and the way I like to work, along with developing my teamwork and communications skills. Overall Social Storm was a really helpful experience and I’m definitely glad I did it!”

 “So, would you do it again?”

A resounding yes!

“What advice would you give for people wanting to get involved next year?”

Euan and Pierre advise to “Sleep the night before! Then power through otherwise you might miss out on group stuff which would be a shame.  Go in with an open mind, find out what’s wrong then move on from it. Push yourself, find where your limit is and you will learn so much.”

*Find out more about Social Storm here



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