3 top tips for getting ahead with your job applications

We’re counting down the days now until the start of the winter vacation and for many of us the promise of happy time spent with family and friends.  But when you can’t face another mince pie or Christmas cracker joke how about taking some time out and spending a quiet hour or so on one of these activities.

Why should you bother? Well, for starters you’ll be saving yourself time later on. It won’t be easy to find a spare moment once the pressures of Semester 2 have kicked in, so getting some of this stuff under your belt before then will give you a nice warm feeling of being ahead of the game. Need another reason? Ok…it’ll mean you’re able to give an affirmative – and honest – answer when the relatives ask whether you’ve started thinking about what to do after uni. While it’s absolutely fine to be undecided at this stage, knowing that you’re working on it will make them and you feel good (and get them off your back…..)

So here goes…and in no particular order….

  • Start to work on your CV. When you apply for a job – whether it’s part-time, vacation work, or one for after you’ve graduated – you’ll either fill out an application form or send off a CV and covering letter. Getting to grips now with the basics of writing a strong CV will pay off in the future. You’ll adapt your CV to suit each job you apply for, but having a draft version on hand ready to be adapted will mean you’re more than halfway there. Our advice is here.
  • Do some thinking. A lucky few have a clear idea of what they want their career path to look like. Most don’t. If you’re completely clueless about what to do next, don’t worry…we’ve got quizzes and questions here to help you start to formulate some ideas.
  • Practise some of those pesky online tests. Many organisations recruiting large numbers of graduates use online tests as a way of rejecting a proportion of the applications. Getting through these tests is more likely if you practice. Verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, situational judgement… don’t be alarmed by the titles, just think of them as puzzles. You don’t need to pay to get practice – you can access lots of examples in the Resources tab in MyCareerHub and here  on our website.

And as well as all that, make sure you have a great time and enjoy your well-deserved break!


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