Looking to start an IT career in 2017? The best IT career advice

Gavin McLachlan, The University of Edinburgh’s Chief Information Officer, recently shared with us his insights on starting out in IT.

“Both from my personal experience and my work in many different sectors I feel that a career in IT is not only one of the most exciting & rewarding areas to consider, but also one of the most relevant. IT and technology have become pervasive across almost all areas of our lives. This trend will only increase as huge new innovations in artificial intelligence, data sciences, robotics, biotechnology and mobile/wearable computing arrive to change all our lives and create new exciting jobs.

The exciting implication for graduating students  in these new types of innovation is that there are few people who are experts, no one who has “been doing it for decades” and many new jobs.

This means these new jobs or career paths are potentially a huge opportunity for someone looking for either a new career or to start a career.

In some cases little or no previous experience is needed and many start-up companies or even larger companies competing in these new IT areas are often very open to training new hires. It is only up to you to grab at the opportunity.” Gavin McLachlan

Gavin is one of a group of experts whose opinions were recently sought on the question “What’s the best piece of advice you could give to someone looking to start an IT career in 2017?”

Seven key themes recurred in their responses – which just demonstrates how important these leading figures feel these points are. Now’s your chance to find out what you can do to get off to a flying start in a career in the information technology sector. Read it here. These IT gurus should know!   http://www.flackbox.com/best-it-career-advice

And when you’ve taken inspiration from their words, explore this sector further at our Careers in IT fair coming up on Wednesday 1 February. Find out more here: https://mycareerhub.ed.ac.uk/students/events/detail/388987


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