Working in pharma without a science degree

So you might have thought that the majority of student placements in the pharmaceutical industry were in R&D and only open to scientists. But according to an Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) report published last year, there has been a 78 per cent increase since 2013 in undergraduate placements for roles that have nothing to do with research and development. These non-R&D roles, ranging from analytics to procurement to quality control, now make up over 50 per cent of all undergraduate placements in the industry. And are open to students from a huge range of disciplines…..

A recent article in the Times describes the process of bringing a new drug to market in the 21st century; involving mathematical modelling, computer simulation, analytical chemistry and data management …as well as biology.   The UK pharma industry as a whole employs 73,000 people; lawyers, working on patents, economists studying the markets, business graduates looking at mergers and acquisitions, commercial roles, those working in the manufacturing process (engineers, chemists, designers and logistical experts) medical writers, PR specialists, advertising creatives, human resources all contribute.  Plus of course the toxicologists and pharmacologists trialling and testing new drugs.  So not just R&D.

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