One of the greatest decisions I’ve made

Alec Edgecliffe-Johnson, President of Edinburgh University Students’ Association, was a SLICC pioneer. His account launches our #ExperienceWorks campaign.

Two years ago I became convinced that we are on the cusp of overcoming many of the “diseases” of aging and of living to ages of 150+. I decided to write a short book about optimising our diets, sleep and exercise to age gracefully and prepare for the scientific breakthroughs. Fortunately, I heard about the first ever pilot of the SLICCs program at the same time and, largely on a whim, I signed up to write this “book” for credit. It turned out to be one of the greatest decisions I’ve made at University. Here’s why:

  1. There are a lot more grand plans than grand actions. How many times have you heard people talk about, but never pursue, that business they want to start, that incredible summer opportunity, or that skill they’d like to learn? More often than not without a commitment device we find it hard to commit and stick to something. A SLICC is a commitment to do something and to do it well.
  2. We spend our entire lives being told what academic success looks like. We are told how an essay should be written, what answers to give to get a 70+ on your exam etc. SLICCs throw the “rules” for success out of the window. You dictate your criteria. You set your milestones. A SLICC is the ultimate tool for putting agency and creativity back into the curriculum.
  3. Aside from a three or four outside courses, we spend most of our University lives in a single academic silo. And that can constrain our thinking.  Different skills and experiences give us different mental models to apply to our lives and academic subjects. A SLICC is a structured approach for interdisciplinarity and for learning by doing.

The greatest value of the SLICC is that which outlasts the process itself: it enables you to learn how to learn. A SLICC is an incredible opportunity to receive credit for doing what you are passionate about and learning a whole lot in the process. It’s not an experience to miss!


For more about SLICCs and how to register for one, click here 

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