SLICCs – an introduction

Ruairidh Maxwell of the University’s Employability Consultancy tells us more:

Graduation and life beyond higher education can be a terrifying thought. If a university degree alone will no longer guarantee employment, never before has it been more important to come up with alternative solutions to the growing uncertainty.

SLICCs (Student-Led, Individually-Created Courses) is one such initiative the University of Edinburgh offers to help students operate confidently in an uncertain future. Open to first and second year undergraduate students, SLICCs is a 20-credit elective course run over the summer that offers an opportunity to earn academic credit for involvement in a professional development, internship, work experience or research project experience during the summer vacation.

As part of a push towards student-led learning and development, SLICCs offer students a reflective framework to develop their own set of personal and professional skills and attributes through this experience.

During their SLICC, students blog regularly on their experiences, receiving academic feedback at key stages, eventually submitting a final reflective response at the end. At the core of the process are five carefully-selected learning outcomes which will structure the reflections, encouraging students to think more about how they can directly apply their own learning in different contexts.  Essentially, you’ll learn to think about your potential to adapt to experiences beyond the classroom, and how you can use this to bolster your learning at University.

Thinking about your potential and the possible impact you can exert on different environments is an essential skill. Building up a reflective understanding of the experiences you undertake will serve you well in a future full of uncertainty.

If you are thinking about plans for the summer, why not look into SLICCs? It is never too early to start thinking about your professional development and how you can enrich your University experience even further, at the same time as earning academic credit!     for more about SLICCs and how to register for one.

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