Engineering in the UK – graduate jobs and salaries

Each year EngineeringUK publishes a “State of UK Engineering” report.  It is a fairly hefty tome (some 235 pages), but to help those of us short on time there are some fascinating info-graphics which summarise topics such as: money, perception, business, demand, education & skills, employment and gender – many of which relate to careers.

For example:

  • Engineering employment has grown by 2.3% to more than 5.6 million.
  • The number of engineering companies in the UK grew by 6.9% to 651,000.

  • 90% of engineering enterprises have fewer than 10 employees.

  • Engineering generated 26% of the total UK GDP, some £486bn.
  • The average starting salary for engineering and technology graduates is £25,880 compared to £22,000 for graduates of all subjects.

  • Engineers are very employable: 68% of engineering and technology graduates were in full-time employment within six months of graduating compared with 58% of all graduates.

So good news for engineers… BUT there’s no room for complacency: a degree never guarantees a job!  Use your Careers Service and its resources to ensure that your graduate destination is a positive one.

You can see more of the info-graphics here.


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