Finding part-time work in Edinburgh

Careers Consultant Kirsten Roche gives advice on finding a part-time job.

We see lots of students who want a part-time job in Edinburgh. This can be trickier than many students first expect as there are lots of students in Edinburgh all trying to get the same jobs. The Careers Service can support you in finding a part-time job.

To get you started here are our top 5 tips on finding a part-time job in Edinburgh.

  1. Use MyCareerHub. Last year we advertised over 2500 part-time job opportunities. Also keep an eye on shop and restaurant windows as they will often advertise by putting a sign in the window asking for staff.
  2. Get your CV up to scratch. Finding part-time work in Edinburgh is competitive, you need to tailor your CV to the type of work you are looking. Find out how to do this by looking at our resources on CV writing:
  3. Manage your time. Think carefully about how many hours you can work to balance with your course work. You may want to wait until your course is underway before committing to a part-time job.
  4. Experience counts. It is always easier to get work in an area you already have experience in. If you don’t have any experience of work yet and you are struggling to get a part time job, consider volunteering to build up some experience. Regardless of what job you do you will be developing skills which will be of value to your future career.
  5. Know your rights. Check out your rights, including information on the minimum wage on our website: If you don’t have one already make sure you get a National Insurance number, by calling 0345 600 0643 or coming to one of the on campus processing days – details on MyCareerHub.

Check out our online support for finding part-time jobs:

Don’t forget to apply for the Edinburgh Award Work Experience once you have your part-time job. This will give you recognition of what you are doing on your HEAR and access to personal development sessions:

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