Lesser known Civil Service opportunities for graduates

I recently attended a very informative Careers Service briefing at HM Treasury. I'll hope to share other findings from this in a later post, but for now the focus is on a really interesting element of their presentation: lesser known Civil Service opportunities for graduates. Linsey Chrisman, Graduate Outreach Manager at HMT, highlighted that there’s … Continue reading Lesser known Civil Service opportunities for graduates

Careers in Archaeology

In my role I often work with students interested in working with the Historic Environment and Cultural Heritage sector. This is a wide-ranging sector that can be hard to define, though Creative and Cultural Skills made good progress on this in their 2013 Skills Survey. The following short post is aimed at those currently studying … Continue reading Careers in Archaeology

Business Insider – Recruitment interview

I came across a really interesting recruitment article this week on the informative Business Insider UK website that I thought was worth sharing on Inform.Ed. Although it's titled, 'key to writing a winning covering letter' there's much more on offer here than meets the eye. It initially taking the form form of advice on covering … Continue reading Business Insider – Recruitment interview

Retail Insights into Aldi.

Building on a recent post about the retail sector in Edinburgh, I'll briefly cover some observations from a recent visit to the Aldi Scotland Headquarters. Employer visits are an essential part of our work. Hearing about developments in recruitment, selection, and company culture and staff journeys from student to graduate employee is really informative. We then … Continue reading Retail Insights into Aldi.

Insights from Education Day 2015

Earlier this month I attended the really informative and fascinating Education Careers Day at the University of Glasgow. It was a day-long conference with keynote speeches, panel discussions and workshops aimed at student teachers, current probationary teachers and early career teachers. Presenters represented primary and secondary teaching and senior management staff, academics, local authority and … Continue reading Insights from Education Day 2015

Volunteering Overseas

We've previously looked at the diversity of the third sector as a career option for graduates. However, this post takes a different approach to look at volunteering overseas. Along with internships, work experience and part-time roles, an international volunteer experience is a popular option for Edinburgh students - across all subject areas - looking to … Continue reading Volunteering Overseas

Business Insider Report: Working in America – Top 50 Companies

If you are an American student looking at work back in the states when you graduate or alternatively, thinking about a career overseas you might be interested in the following post. Last month Business Insider UK, produced its annual list of the top companies to work for in the US. The list was developed using … Continue reading Business Insider Report: Working in America – Top 50 Companies

Insights into the Third Sector: Part 2

Following on from the previous article about the third sector, many thanks to Emma McGowan, formerly Business Development Manager at Charityworks, and now of Let's Work Better Together for her excellent guest post on advice for students wanting to develop a career in the third sector: Don't apply for everything! I know students will feel … Continue reading Insights into the Third Sector: Part 2

Insights into the Third Sector: Part 1

The third sector (not-for-profit, voluntary, or charities sector – depending on what you may call it) represents a popular career path for Edinburgh University graduates. The variety of roles across local, regional, national and international charities and organisations graduates progress into illustrates this. All of the considerable community engagement, societies work and wider volunteering undertaken … Continue reading Insights into the Third Sector: Part 1

Social media and job hunting

Just a short post to share a really simple but effective article that I came across in the Guardian Careers Blog this week about using social media in job searching. Although it’s a topic that has been widely written about, I though the piece really hit the nail on the head with ‘more employers are using … Continue reading Social media and job hunting