The key to strengths based interviews

Recently I visited FDM Group to observe an assessment day at their Glasgow office (big thanks to the FDM staff who were very welcoming and importantly to the candidates for letting me observe them too!).  FDM use strengths based interviewing as part of their assessment process and I picked up so many useful tips to … Continue reading The key to strengths based interviews

Writing for a living? Inspired by journalism?

Are you interested in a career in journalism? At our Creative and Cultural Careers Festival a fantastic panel of speakers shared their top tips. We’re also lucky enough to be able to share news of an exciting follow up event with Buzzfeed UK and live BBC traineeship vacancies…read on! At CCCF17, we were inspired by our panel of … Continue reading Writing for a living? Inspired by journalism?

Engineering in the UK – graduate jobs and salaries

Each year EngineeringUK publishes a "State of UK Engineering" report.  It is a fairly hefty tome (some 235 pages), but to help those of us short on time there are some fascinating info-graphics which summarise topics such as: money, perception, business, demand, education & skills, employment and gender - many of which relate to careers. For example: … Continue reading Engineering in the UK – graduate jobs and salaries

Turning science into profit at Weetabix

We are delighted to feature a guest blog post from Daniel Hefft, Process Development Engineer at Weetabix. We met Daniel at an Institute for Food Science and Technology (IFST) event recently and were blown away by his enthusiasm for the sector...and excited by the growth in opportunities for students and graduates of multiple disciplines. Who knew there … Continue reading Turning science into profit at Weetabix

It’s not all about the bench

This guest post comes from Wilma Anderson, Business Development Manager at Tissue Solutions, an SME based at the West of Scotland Science Park in Glasgow. We asked Wilma to share her journey from  an NHS pathology lab to speaker at scientific conferences. We are delighted that Wilma is coming on campus on Thursday 16th March for our … Continue reading It’s not all about the bench

Summer in the USA

Rebecca Howat successfully completed the Edinburgh Award Summer Work Experience last year. Here’s her blog post about what she did and what she gained from it. Camp Albrecht Acres, Iowa, USA This summer I am spending my time working on a special needs camp in America. I knew this would bring its challenges and rewards … Continue reading Summer in the USA

SLICCs – an introduction

Ruairidh Maxwell of the University's Employability Consultancy tells us more: Graduation and life beyond higher education can be a terrifying thought. If a university degree alone will no longer guarantee employment, never before has it been more important to come up with alternative solutions to the growing uncertainty. SLICCs (Student-Led, Individually-Created Courses) is one such … Continue reading SLICCs – an introduction

Just send that email

Making a speculative application isn’t as hard as you may think, says Isabella Hughes, Careers Information Adviser Towards the end of my second year I thought it was a good idea to start thinking about what I wanted to do after graduation. With three months of summer ahead of me I wanted to fill it … Continue reading Just send that email

Selling your experience – The Edinburgh Award

  Lizzie Mortimer explains how the Award helps you add value to your summer work experience or volunteering The summer vacation presents myriad opportunities to students; relax after the pressures of a busy academic year, catch up with friends and family, go on holiday, lie in....relax. But, this is a Careers Service blog, so of … Continue reading Selling your experience – The Edinburgh Award

One of the greatest decisions I’ve made

Alec Edgecliffe-Johnson, President of Edinburgh University Students' Association, was a SLICC pioneer. His account launches our #ExperienceWorks campaign. Two years ago I became convinced that we are on the cusp of overcoming many of the “diseases” of aging and of living to ages of 150+. I decided to write a short book about optimising our … Continue reading One of the greatest decisions I’ve made