How internships can enable an entrepreneurial mind-set

In the first of this week’s #EdEnterprise17 posts, we are delighted to share this guest blog post from Anna McBurney, Saltire Scholar Programme Executive, Entrepreneurial Scotland. After months of studying, stressful exams and project hand-ins, the thought of spending your summer undertaking an internship will likely be the last thing on your mind. As tempting … Continue reading How internships can enable an entrepreneurial mind-set

Why #ExperienceWorks – a graduate perspective

Today we are sharing the views of a recent graduate on the importance of work experience. Caitlin McLaren graduated from the School of Biological Sciences this summer and is currently employed by Nestle on their graduate scheme.   Caitlin took a proactive approach to sourcing work experience from 1st year onwards.  In the summer between 1st … Continue reading Why #ExperienceWorks – a graduate perspective

Why #ExperienceWorks – a student perspective – part 2

This afternoon we have another current student sharing some insight into their experience of undertaking an internship this summer, and how the internship allowed him to build up some great skills that he hadn't even been aware of previously.  Robbie is a 5th year MPhys student. This summer, I had a great internship experience working at the … Continue reading Why #ExperienceWorks – a student perspective – part 2

Why #ExperienceWorks – a student perspective – part 1

This morning, we are sharing the thoughts of John MacFadyen, a Chemical Engineering student, currently on placement with Dyson. As an engineer I was always told “you’ll walk straight into a job”, but this is simply a fallacy. Finding a job is extremely difficult for everyone and should not be overlooked as a walk in … Continue reading Why #ExperienceWorks – a student perspective – part 1

Why #ExperienceWorks – 5 years later

In today's post, Claire Healy, Inside Sales Manager, Life Sciences Solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific reflects on how her internship became her career. In my third year of University, I could feel the pressure of “this is getting serious.” I had previously spent my summers waitressing and knew that this wasn’t going to differentiate me when … Continue reading Why #ExperienceWorks – 5 years later

Why #ExperienceWorks – Alumni Insights

Today we are hearing from two alumni working with BP who reflect on the impact work experience had for them. James Lyne, Graduated from School of Geosciences in 2011, now Exploration Geologist with BP. Getting that first piece of relevant work experience can understandably be a daunting and difficult task, however don’t underestimate the importance of … Continue reading Why #ExperienceWorks – Alumni Insights

Why #ExperienceWorks – No Experience Required!

In this guest post, Lucy Kember, HR graduate trainee at Standard Life Aberdeen, reassures students that although gaining work experience may seem daunting, most employers are understanding that this may be your first experience of an office-based workplace, and that enthusiasm is more important than excel!  To echo her sentiments, we urge you not to let a … Continue reading Why #ExperienceWorks – No Experience Required!

Tips to end your internship on a positive note

Securing an internship is an achievement in itself, but as the saying goes, “Sometimes we're all so quick to count down the days that we forget to make the days count" (Unknown). Follow our handy tips to keep your motivation on track and end your internship on a positive note: Take time to reflect. You … Continue reading Tips to end your internship on a positive note

Graduate insight – Employ.ed in an SME

This guest post comes from Kate, an Edinburgh Business Management Graduate. Kate took part in an Employ.ed in an SME internship at Attacat and we asked her to share her experience with us.  Tell us about your host company Attacat is a marketing agency for businesses who take their online presence seriously, they have been at … Continue reading Graduate insight – Employ.ed in an SME

Highest intern salaries

Thanks to Matt Vickers who spotted this recent news story about intern salaries - Rebecca  If a high salary is important to you then an article in Recruitment Grapevine magazine may be of interest. It lists the 10 best-paid UK internships, based on research by Business Insider. It may come as no surprise that investment … Continue reading Highest intern salaries