Interested in Advertising ?

We know that many students are interested in careers in Advertising, and Marketing more widely.   Two of the industry bodies in this sector - The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, and the Direct Marketing Association - have a few initiatives running at the moment to support students interested in a career in this area. The … Continue reading Interested in Advertising ?

Graduate insight – Employ.ed in an SME

This guest post comes from Kate, an Edinburgh Business Management Graduate. Kate took part in an Employ.ed in an SME internship at Attacat and we asked her to share her experience with us.  Tell us about your host company Attacat is a marketing agency for businesses who take their online presence seriously, they have been at … Continue reading Graduate insight – Employ.ed in an SME

Global media market, growing, evolving…..

Thanks to my colleague Janet Forsyth for this post which gives an update on the media sector picking up on some research done by consultancy firm McKinsey & Co. Not only does it give a useful update on where this sector might be headed in the next few years but useful material for including in … Continue reading Global media market, growing, evolving…..