It’s not all about the bench

This guest post comes from Wilma Anderson, Business Development Manager at Tissue Solutions, an SME based at the West of Scotland Science Park in Glasgow. We asked Wilma to share her journey from  an NHS pathology lab to speaker at scientific conferences. We are delighted that Wilma is coming on campus on Thursday 16th March for our … Continue reading It’s not all about the bench


Life (like) robots

Thanks to my colleague Susan Bird for this post with some exciting updates and developments at the University - Rebecca In a time of fast-moving political change, the University of Edinburgh has announced something of a coup in the field of scientific change. Scientists are marking the opening of the first fully automated DNA production … Continue reading Life (like) robots

Scotch Whisky – recruiting and training for the future

Many thanks to Rosemary Gallagher,  Head of Communications, Scotch Whisky Association for this guest post- great insights into the sector ( e.g. 81% of companies take on graduates with particular shortages in engineering and management) Scotch Whisky is a product we’re rightly proud of. It’s made in Scotland from three raw materials of water, yeast and … Continue reading Scotch Whisky – recruiting and training for the future

Keeping Scotland at the forefront of life science innovation

Thanks to Sunergos Innovations for this guest blog post with an update on the life sciences sector Stimulating innovation and sector growth through university/industry collaborations  - Dr Mike Capaldi, CEO, Sunergos Innovations Scotland has always been at the forefront of life science innovation with Edinburgh playing a key role, from Lister’s discovery of antiseptic and … Continue reading Keeping Scotland at the forefront of life science innovation

Scottish life sciences alive and kicking!

Thanks to my colleague Susan Bird for this update on what's happening in the Scottish life sciences sector - Rebecca Leading cell manufacturer Roslin Cells was spun out from the company that cloned Dolly the sheep. Now the company offers two main services – Cell Therapy Contract Manufacturing and Development, and Research Induced Pluripotent Stem … Continue reading Scottish life sciences alive and kicking!

Do you believe in Unicorns?

Many thanks to my colleague Sharon Cant for this post promoting our upcoming Careers in IT event - Rebecca Unicorn /ˈjuː.nɪ.kɔːn/ noun 1. a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead 2. a term used in the US Investments industry to describe a start-up company, usually … Continue reading Do you believe in Unicorns?

SLS investment in Scottish Science

Many thanks to Susan Bird for this news story and quick update on the life sciences sector in Scotland - Rebecca Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS), the UK’s largest independent British-owned supplier of scientific equipment, chemicals and consumables has relocated its Scottish operations to BioCity Scotland, showing its commitment to investing in science in Scotland. BioCity … Continue reading SLS investment in Scottish Science

One goal, many paths

Many thanks to my colleague Suzanne Agnew for this post giving an insight into the different routes for teacher training in England. If you're considering this option then this post is essential reading to give you an overview of the different routes - Rebecca You want to train to teach in England? Well that’s the … Continue reading One goal, many paths

Insights from Education Day 2015

Earlier this month I attended the really informative and fascinating Education Careers Day at the University of Glasgow. It was a day-long conference with keynote speeches, panel discussions and workshops aimed at student teachers, current probationary teachers and early career teachers. Presenters represented primary and secondary teaching and senior management staff, academics, local authority and … Continue reading Insights from Education Day 2015

Time to Shine

      The Scottish Creative sector received a welcome boost this month through the Time to Shine funding. The funding enables more young people to flourish and achieve, in and through the arts and creativity. The idea of the funding is to provide more funding for young people to access all sorts of creative … Continue reading Time to Shine