IT & Technology careers: not just for Informatics graduates!

Back in February we held our annual Careers in IT event which was attended by over 450 students; if you were one of them, we hope you found it useful. Naturally, we used the Informatics Forum at George Square: it is a great space and is handy for the School of Informatics students wishing to attend.  … Continue reading IT & Technology careers: not just for Informatics graduates!

The best Data Scientists know how to tell stories

Many thanks to my colleague Ruth Donnelly for this post on careers in data science and if you're interested look our for the Data Talent Scotland event happening later in March - Rebecca There has been an exponential explosion in number of jobs relating to data science and this is only likely to continue growing, … Continue reading The best Data Scientists know how to tell stories

Healthcare transformers: the medical technology sector

Many thanks to Susan Bird for this really interesting blog post on career opportunities in the medical technology sector. It gives a really great overview of some of the job roles available so read on to find out more about this fascinating sector -Rebecca  I found a great labour market report which details the landscape … Continue reading Healthcare transformers: the medical technology sector

Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

Today is Ada Lovelace Day and here at the University there are a range of exciting and creative activities happening as part of the University's first Ada Lovelace Day.  The day celebrates the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths but I've been thinking particularly about careers in computing and IT.  As a … Continue reading Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

How will robots affect the labour market?

There’s been lots of media coverage this week on how developments in robot technology will affect the labour market in the next few years. This interesting article on the BBC website, for example, looks  at The jobs robots will steal first and while some of them are what you might have expected others may come … Continue reading How will robots affect the labour market?

Edinburgh: ‘UK’s largest tech hub outside London’

Thanks to my colleague Lizzie Mortimer for spotting this news story about technology start-ups at Edinburgh - Rebecca Edinburgh is proving to be a major technology start-up hub, as new figures published by the University of Edinburgh show. The BBC have reported that the University of Edinburgh has supported 44 start-up companies and three spin-outs … Continue reading Edinburgh: ‘UK’s largest tech hub outside London’

Big data world!

Many thanks to Susan Bird, Careers Consultant for the School of Biological Sciences and School of Geosciences for this really interesting post on big data and opportunities for graduates - Rebecca We are living in a world of data and that data is getting bigger every second as the capacity modern technology now has to … Continue reading Big data world!

Women in IT. Is the tide finally turning?

Here’s a great blog post from Chris Phillips at GTI Media featuring an interview with Crystal Eisinger of Deloitte. In it you’ll find some really useful snippets on what it means to work in technology today and what takes to succeed. It’s well worth a read – Rebecca

The GTI Media blog

Regular readers will know that I have written long and often about the shortage of women in technology and what needs to be done to attract a more balanced workforce.

So I was taken by surprise when interviewing a recent graduate working as a Consultant for Deloitte, Crystal Eisinger. I asked her the usual questions about male/female ratios and the special contribution of women to teams and she looked at me strangely, almost as though she didn’t understand what I was getting at.

I was guilty, not for the first time in my life, of making assumptions. Crystal’s cohort was pretty evenly mixed and Deloitte aims to recruit 50/50 men and women into technology jobs by 2016. No wonder she was surprised at the questions I was asking.


When she was 16, Crystal did work experience with Deloitte and at 18, she applied for the Deloitte Scholar Scheme, which involved…

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Digital – a new golden age in Marketing?

Many thanks to Janet Forsyth, Careers Consultant for the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences for this interesting post on opportunities in digital marketing - Rebecca I recently read the latest insight from consultants Mckinsey exploring what they see as The Dawn of Marketing's New Golden Age, as a result of marketers using 'big data' research and … Continue reading Digital – a new golden age in Marketing?

Experis Tech Cities Job Watch

Special thanks to our colleague Matt Vickers, Careers Consultant for the School of Engineering and the School of Maths for this blog post looking at some trends in the technology sector - Rebecca Friday 30th January saw the launch of the first of what is hoped will be a regular quarterly labour market report by … Continue reading Experis Tech Cities Job Watch