What Does Work Experience Even Mean?

Experience. Job adverts ask you to have some. Sometimes they say relevant. Sometimes they don't specify. Sometimes they even ask you to have 'x' number of years of it but really, what counts as work experience? If you ticked all of the above then great - you are correct. Shadowing someone for one day, through … Continue reading What Does Work Experience Even Mean?

Employer Insight: The Big Issue – More Than a Magazine

Thanks to my colleagues Sharon Cant and Janet Onyia for this blog post with insights from Rebecca Pringle of The Big Issue. It gives a great insight into this organisation - Rebecca I recently met with History & Politics Alumna Rebecca Pringle, who is an Outreach Sales Worker with the Big Issue, working in their … Continue reading Employer Insight: The Big Issue – More Than a Magazine

Volunteering Overseas

We've previously looked at the diversity of the third sector as a career option for graduates. However, this post takes a different approach to look at volunteering overseas. Along with internships, work experience and part-time roles, an international volunteer experience is a popular option for Edinburgh students - across all subject areas - looking to … Continue reading Volunteering Overseas