What is LMI?

So what is LMI and why should you be interested?

Labour Market Information and Intelligence (LMI) encompasses all of the facts, figures, analysis and understandings of the labour market.

It can be qualitative or quantitative, and consider the past, present or future labour market and the different issues impacting on it. Taken further, labour market information is the data, and labour market intelligence is how this information is interpreted in the form of analysis and conclusions. We’ll be covering both here at the Informed.Ed LMI blog.

Why should you be interested? From your perspective as a student and future employee in the labour market, LMI can inform your understanding about career entry routes, economic sectors and career prospects. LMI is important for all, whether your sights are set on a graduate, non-graduate or academic path.

In wider terms, LMI is significant to all key agents in the economy – whether it is informing employers about skills and labour supply or ensuring this demand is met or that Governments can sustainably support and grow their economy.

There is a lot of LMI out there and we hope this page makes sense of it to interest, inform and inspire you.



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